Comparing: That Day and About That Day

Imagine a father, who you feel very unconnected to, joins your softball game as an effort to build a stronger relationship. This was the case for David Kherdian. That was explained in the texts “That Day” and “About That Day”. The first text is in poem format, while the second text is a paragraph. These two texts are alike, but like David, are very different too.

These two texts are very alike in many ways, for example, the idea. Text one and two are both about a special day in the authors life. This day caused David to start writing, along with some other things stated text two “Which brings me to poetry and why I write.” But, like text two, text one has information on this subject too, “Just once/and that day stands out forever/in my memory.” The texts bring out the same message but not in the same ways….

Poetry and explanatory are two types of writing styles, two different writing styles. Text one is a poem and text two is explanatory. This means that although the message is conveyed, they are brought out in two different ways. An example of this is the stanzas of “That Day” show that this is a poem and the very short sections with little to no punctuation. “About That Day” is a paragraph and you can tell because of the frequent punctuation and long sentences.

These were just mere examples, there are plenty more comparisons and contrasts to be listed but here are a few. One comparison is the author has written both texts and has deeply shown his emotion in both, text one states “Just once/and that day stands out forever/in my memory/as a father’s living gesture/to his son”. Text two explains “and by doing so he was sharing with me something of value in my life”. A contrast is how the author elaborated. In text one the author uses metaphors such as “sewn of tougher fabric” which means was held together by a stronger bond. Text two states transition words such as “but”, “therefore”, “and”, and “then”. These were more of comparing and contrasting the two texts “That Day” and “About That Day”.

In conclusion, these texts were similar and different at the same time. The main idea was that a certain day in the authors life changed his perspective and how he viewed his father, this day also inspired David to write as well. The two texts both convey the message but present it differently. There are texts we can compare and contrast everywhere. But this was the comparing and the contrasting of the articles “That Day” and “About That Day”.


Life Behind The Bully

Bullying is a worldwide issue, many think it’s the bully’s fault but some, like me, question this statement and think about the Life Behind The Bully. Lets start with a question, who is held accountable for a child’s actions involving bullying I think it is the back round, the parents. I feel that parents should be held accountable for their child to engage in bullying.

People say that feelings take a role in bullying, so do parents. According to Text 1 “Bullying is a rite of passage for kids.” Parents need to help their child get the support they need at home. “Kids hug us and cry, even the bullies.” parents are always there.

Parents understand, they are responsible for showing their child that. “Right now most schools don’t know what to do.” If it is not the school then it must be at home. “Parents can act as a positive role model.” That means they can also act as a negative one too.

Parents are legally put to blame if certain acts are done. “Parents can be held legally responsible.” This just shows that parents are, and should be held accountable for their child engaging in bullying.

Through the evidence  I have proven my statement correct, parents are responsible for their child engaging in bullying. Parents take a role, understand, and are supposed to help, yet they do nothing. With these reasons I have proven who is responsible, The Life Behind the Bully.

Should People Own Exotic Pets?

A question that many people ask is whether or not people should own exotic pets. Well the simple answer is no. Although many people say that monkeys are “cute” or that snakes are “cool” people forget the consequences for owning a capable animal like this. According to there are many dangerous animals that are legal such as crocodiles, monkeys, snakes, and wolves. there are about 250,000 attacks per day and that is just with a small variety of animals. Though some beg to differ.

Think of a little kitten, then think of a large panther sitting on your couch, crazy how some prefer a 160 pound wild animal that could easily maul you over a sweet little kitten that could only scratch you with its little paw. There is no reason for this irrational behavior, yet people do it anyway. According to the passage “Wild Animals Aren’t Pets”  an animal collector opened the gates on his farm unleashing lions tigers bears and other wild animals onto himself killing himself and proving just how dangerous this wild animals can really be. But in an opposing text “Let People Own Exotic Pets” the author states that animals in captivity work as a backup for extinction, well the more people that want to “save” the species the more that are taken out of the wild, and most don’t even survive. According to  most of the wild animals that are taken out of their habitat have behavioral problems, illness, or even death so can you really call it “saving the species”?

So back to the question we were asking before, were wild animals safe amongst humans yes, but they have domesticated since then, you can’t call a wolf a dog, a tiger a cat, or a Comodo dragon a lizard from your backyard now can you? Wild animals are NOT pets, don’t take an animal out of the wild to hurt you, others, or the animal itself. You can take an animal out of the wild, but you can’t take the wild out of the animal.

Piano Slam!!

My music, the sweet melody in such harmony,

all coming together to form a sweet symphony.

And the chorus singing slow and softly,

as the duet goes decrescendo, quiet and calmly.

But when the fanfare goes accelerando,

the conductor is strict and commando.

The hymn is so sweet and calm,

you feel as if the whole world of music is in your palm.

My ocean, the waves crashing in such a beautiful pitch,

and within 3 minutes, can fill a ditch.

So gracefully it moves in a certain rhythm,

you wonder if after years at sea, it has so much wisdom.

The piano notes move in waves like a scale and rough water,

so many ups and downs, like a relationship of a mother and a daughter.

A symphony can have a coda, but unlike music the ocean has no end,

so mysterious, when sailing across the world, it’s hard to find a brave sailor to send.

Miami, a beautiful yet busy city, with a rhythm that beats through the day,

a beautiful song , I should sing along if I may.

while we become overheated but the sun stays shining bright,

but we still sing the national anthem, with our American flag held up at tall heights.

The beach is a typical weekend, except when it rains,

but that is a good thing, because the sun gives me pains.

I love Miami, my music and ocean, I wouldn’t trade it for anything,

here with the beats?  Well, that’s better than everything!!!

My Wonder Coyote

In the story “My wonder horse”,  the author, Sabine R. Ulibarri, tells tales of a wild mustang which he calls his “wonder horse” he calls it this because it is untamed, majestic, and overall, beautiful. I also feel this way about an animal, this animal is the Western Coyote.

This animal in my opinion is one of the most interesting species of the western area for quite a few reasons. One of the reasons being it is one of the worlds most adaptable animals, another reason is its origin, the western coyote’s scientific name is Canis Latrans or “barking dog”. The coyote’s location originally started off in yellowstone national park then expanded to the western and eastern regions of the U.S.. The population of the western coyote in a single pack depends mainly on food. If there is little food the pack will maintain a small number of cubs. The alpha male is the only male who has breeding rights and if the rules are broken the coyote will no longer be part of the pack, therefore the phrase “Lone Wolf”. I found this information off of a  website, The habitat of this magical animal is widespread so the habitats include the woodlands, prairies, deserts, oak savannahs, forests, meadows, and even urban parks. When I did some research on any threats to existence I found the website which informed me that currently coyote populations are at an all-time high and that the only small threat is humans hunting them for fur. Some fun facts about the coyote:

  1. They can grow to be 20 – 40 lbs
  2. There colors are blonde, reddish, or brown
  3. Normally they have 1-12 pups
  4. They’re relatives of the Grey Wolf
  5. Sizes are relative to a 6 ft man
  6. Mainly they are omnivores so they eat plants and animals
  7. In the wild they can live up to 14 years
  8. Are commonly mistaken for medium domesticated dogs
  9. If a small animal they hunt alone but, if trying to ambush , attack together
  10. Coyote’s are listed as one of the easiest adapting animals currently in the world

These facts were found on

These were some reasons why the Western Coyote is one of the best animals of the wild west. The author believes this too about his “wonder horse” which is how I can relate to the author of the story “My Wonder Horse” . I also feel that the author can relate to the animal he admires, I can too. My animal and I both share the traits of, loyalty, uniqueness, and curiosity. That is why the Western Coyote is “My Wonder Coyote”.


Dreams, how I wonder about you,

All the things I wish I knew.

In the deep sleep, I wish I knew where,

Where the dreams go, when they were just there.

And when you think its deja vu,

You’ll wake up in just a few.

The mind is a mysterious place,

In which strange things take place.

And just when you thought you were dreaming,

You all of a sudden wake up screaming.

From the night terrors in your sleep,

All the things you wish you wish you could not keep.

And the worst nightmare of all?,

Well that would be the thing that makes your very skin crawl…….

How Smart Are Animals?

“From How Smart Are Animals” by Dorthy Hinshaw, was about animals being intelligent, however it might be instinct. But, this was not the main purpose. The main purpose of the story is a few different ideas, and altogether they make one central main purpose. The first small idea is instinct. In the passage the author states, “Perhaps an instinctive  holdover from the protective environment” this means that some of what we think is animal intelligence could really be instinct, training, and trick. The author includes some information on a horse named “Clever Hans”. The reason for this story is to show that you can train an animal all you want but in the end, you cannot pass the animal of as smart.

The second idea is that an animal might be smarter than it seems. In the past you might have learned about owners teaching their pets to act smart, but have you ever thought of what an animal can really do? Looking back on the question I just asked you, when an owner teaches their pet are they not learning? Most people have not thought about it this way and I see why. The animal instincts. When an animal does something intelligent most people call it instinct. Why people do this, to call out the “Clever Hans Phenomenon”. The “Clever Hans Phenomenon” is a trick when someone proves animal intelligent and then gets called out and proven a fake. This has led to most real intelligence proven by animals is being called fake.

So, altogether the main ideas come into one big idea. To find this idea we must consider both sides, while one topic proves intelligence to be instinct, the other proves instinct to be learning (intelligence). So who wins this major debate? Well to fully understand the topics we need to elaborate. When you think about instinct your mind automatically  drifts to non-intelligence (most of the time), well instinct would not be learning and animals learn since the day they are born. So, when asked this question, both sides add up together you get the winner. INTELLIGENCE!!!!!!

Shark Poem!

The beautiful shark, hunts in the dark. Even though it’s late,he can remember what he last ate.This creature is so powerful fins.The predator of the ocean has yet to meet his match,no other hunters have as many fish to catch.But when he sees the killer whale,he swims away with his mighty tail.He puts up quite the fight,when he is out hunting in the night.The shark is a fish not a whale,and this is the end of my shark tale.

selective photo of gray shark
A shark!